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Resort Rules                                                                         Ruidoso RV Parks, Ruidoso Campgrounds


  • Check-out time is 11:00. Check-in time is 12 noon.

  • Payment: Payment for services is required at time of registration. Site fee is for two (2) people; additional guests over 12 years are $5.00 per day. All guests must be registered.

  • Speed Limit: Please limit your speed to 5 mph.

  • Quite Hours:  10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.  Please keep noise to a minimum and respect your neighbors.

  • Site Changes:  Please do not change sites with out first obtaining approval from Registration Office.

  • Trash:  Please deposit trash in dumpster provided. Boxes/Cardboard folding flat and placing in recycle bin.

  • Smoking: Observe smoking restrictions as posted.

  • Campfires:  No open fires.

  • Firearms and Fireworks:  Are strictly prohibited.

  • Pets:  Please keep all pets on leash and clean up after your pets. Do not leave pets unattended or tied up outside to water faucets, power box’s or other equipment. No pets over 25 lbs.

  • Do not approach Deer or other animals.

  • Damage:  Damage, theft, or destruction of any property will be assessed to the responsible party.  RV Resort is not responsible for loss or damage to tenant’s vehicle, equipment, or person, caused, theft or accident occurring through no fault of RV Resort. Be careful, safe and responsible

  • Washing Vehicles:  Washing RVs is not permitted.

  • Vehicles:  Limit of two (2) vehicles per site. No driving thru empty sites. No parking in the roadway. No parking of additional vehicles, trailers or guest parking in empty sites.

  • Sewer Collar:  All campers must have a sewer collar per state requirements.

  • Laundry: No clothes line outside of RV. For your convenience there are two (2) laundries on site.

  • Site Rules:  No for sale signs displayed while on RV Resort property. Please keep your site neat and clean there is no storage permitted outside or under your trailer. We ask that you refrain from doing any repairs to your vehicle or RV on-site.  Please confine consumption of alcoholic beverages to your site.

  • Weather: In case of inclement weather, please refrain from being outdoors.  Lightning strikes can be a frequent occurrence in the State of NM.  Please stay indoors during lightning storms. 

  • Pavilion: Please make reservation at 575-257-2600.Clean site when done to deter wildlife.

  • Management reserves the right to evict anyone for behavior detrimental to the campground and its visitors or failing to observe the Rules and Regulations.

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